Blue Cypress & Lemon Scented Tea Tree Shampoo 500ml

Blue Cypress & Lemon Scented Tea Tree Shampoo 500ml


Blue Cypress & Lemon Scented  Tea Tree Shampoo

Cleanse & Hydrate Acts as a wake-up call for heads that need clearing. Helps repair damaged hair leaving it in great condition and freshly scented.

Key Actives      

Blue Cypress - Prised for its anti-bacterial qualities this cobalt blue essential oil is wild harvested from the Northern Territory. Its woody aroma delivers a perfect base note from which this scent is built.  Lemon Scented Tea Tree - This certified organic oil delivers powerful cleansing benefits and a beautifully fresh scent.

Eucalyptus Radiata - It’s crisp clean aroma helps lift the senses. For Condition Hydrolysed Wheat Protein - Works to repair and strengthen hair while delivering control.

Panthenol - Derived from vitamin B5 it is rightly celebrated for the ability to moisturise, thicken and add body to hair

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