Cashmere bath robe

Cashmere bath robe


Robinson Man Full Length Robe

Unisex 100% Cashmere


Robinson Man 

Robinson Man is a men’s fashion brand and concept boutique with its flagship located in Prahran East MelbourneRobinson Man believes in really beautiful cashmere knitwear that’s distinctive and affordableThe brand’s collection has been integrated with a carefully edited mix of internationally sourced luxury menswear, and complimentary lifestyle brands and accessories. 


Our raw cashmere is obtained directly from the nomadic herdsmen of Outer Mongolia. These Mongolian herdsmen move four times a year in order to ensure the land that has been grazed on has time to recover. The fiber is removed from the goats each year by hand, each goat is hand combed using traditional methods, which have been handed down through generations at the onset of spring. During this hand combing, the goats are not harmed in any way. Mongolian cashmere is an entirely sustainable, organic product.

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