A progression of the microluxe airbnb

model into a retail context


microluxe STORE

A shopfront on Smith Street in the heart of Collingwood for design focused brands & collaborators to test their ideas, launch a brand, make an event space without the restrictions of an expensive long lease.

Brands include: 
Bang & Olufsen, Didier, Living Edge, CULT, Loom towels, Created by Boys, Fisher & Paykel, HUB, Robinson Man, Ben Tovim, Made Measure, microCloud, Mr Smith, Studio Twocan, Leif  & Ergoflex.


a retail context

'“An opportunity for visionaries & dreamers a means to occupy the high street. A chance to add vitality, excitement & innovation "

408 Smith is the natural progression of the airbnb model into a retail context

Bringing vacant spaces to life.

By the hour, day, week or month